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Par ex., 21/01/2022
Par ex., 21/01/2022
03déc 2021
Deconvoluting adaptive events using associative molecular barcoding of genomes... 11h30 - Hybrid -online & Salle SC01, Bât. 23, Univ. Montpellier

Anton Nekrutenko

Pennsylvannia State University
10déc 2021
What causes multi-drug resistance? Empirical support for the ecological... 11h30 - Online only


University of Cambridge


17déc 2021
Seminar cancelled

jacques Blondel

Link to seminar:

07jan 2022
A map of theoretical bridges and empirical landmarks for many-species community... 11h30 - Webinar online only

Matthieu Barbier

Plant Health Institute Montpellier, CIRAD, France


14jan 2022
Studying the population dynamics of transposable elements: new avenues for... 11h30 - Webinar online only


University of Portsmouth, UK


21jan 2022
Beyond the Gradient: Experimental Manipulations to Explore Causes of Natural... 16h00 - Webinar online only

Arthur weis

University of Toronto, Canada


28jan 2022
Evolution and speciation without sex in bdelloid rotifers 11h30 - Webinar online only

diego fontaneto

CNR IRSA, Water Research Institute, Italy