Genotyping - Sequencing (GenSeq) Environmental Genomics

This platform provides the community with traditional capillary electrophoresis genetic analysis technologies: fragment analysis, microsatellites, AFLP genotyping and Sanger sequencing. It also provides automated extraction of genomic-grade nucleic acids in order to rapidly and reproducibly treat a large number of samples. NGS technologies are also available.

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In addition to genotyping and sequencing by capillary electrophoresis, GenSeq offers cutting-edge technologies for the preparation of libraries for high-throughput sequencing: high-precision sonication and automatic collection of DNA fractions. A Biomek 4000 pipetting robot is available for sample handling and purification of PCR products or 96-well sequencing. A robot has been installed (2014) allowing magnetic bead extraction of 96 samples in less than one hour.


  • KingFisher Flex DNA or RNA automatic extraction robot
  • MiSeq Illumina sequencer
  • ABI 3130XL 16 capillary and ABI 3500XL 24 capillary sequencers
  • Biomek 4000 pipetting robot
  • Covaris S220 sonicator
  • Pippin Prep automatic DNA collector
  • 2 Eppendorf thermocyclers, one with a temperature gradient
  • Nanodrop 8000 Spectrophotometer
  • Qubit Fluorimeter

For genotyping, the platform only performs capillary electrophoresis, potentially preceded by a reassembly of samples on a 384-well plate. The schedule of passages is available online.

The facility can prepare Sanger sequencing reaction products and purification, or simply process users’ reaction products.



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Managers: Erick Desmarais et Frédérique Cerqueira
ISEM, CC063, Bât. 24, 1er étage
Université Montpellier 2, Place E. Bataillon

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