Montpellier University : 1st in the ShanghaI ranking in ecology - Celebration took place September 18

Le 20 September 2018

Montpellier University : 1rst place in the Shanghai ranking in ecology.

Celebration of the Montpellier 's 1st place ranking took place on September 18th, at the Jardin des Plantes, in presence of the President of the University Philippe Augé, representatives of the scientific community in ecology and of CeMEB Labex (P Jarne, S Kéfi, Y Shin, F Simard, A Mignot, B Godelle), of the French Biodiversity Agencyn and officials from Rectorat and territorial institutions.


Montpellier ranking is largely due to the research works of Cemeb research units, and reflects individual dynamics as well as collective dynamic in Montpellier.