Environmental Epigenomics

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The Environmental Epigenomics platform offers the opportunity to carry out molecular biology experiments ("wet-bench") and the computational analysis of data from  massive parallels sequencing ("dry-bench") approaches in epigenetics, epigenomics and populations epigenetics. The acquisition of a robot (IP-Star) has made it possible to automate and standardize all the technologies available today for the analysis of epigenetic markers: (1) Chromatin Immuno-Precipitation (ChIP) for chromatin proteins such as modified histones, methylated DNA binding proteins or transcription factors, (2) Methylated DNA Immune Precipitation (MeDIP) and (3) other methods based on bisulfite conversion for 5-methyl. We also offer expertise in the analysis of DNA methylation and histone modifications. All bioinformatic analyzes use the Galaxy interface and can be done remotely (http://bioinfo.univ-perp.fr).


Techniques : X-ChIP, N-ChIP, ChIPmentation, MeDIP, RRBS, Bisulfite sequencing, WGBS, ATAC-Seq


IP-Star, Sonicateur Bioruptor Pico, Galaxy server


To start or prepare a project, please contact Platform Manager Christoph Grunau.


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Scientific Manager: Christoph Grunau
Technical Manager: Cristian Chaparro
IHPE 5244 Interactions Hôtes-Pathogènes-Environnements

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