Microbiota-targeted vaccines: Paving the way to vector-borne disease eradication

Le 01 Décembre 2023
11h30 Hybrid - online and Salle Louis Thaler, bat 22 UM

alejandro cabezas-cruz

Principal Investigator at microbioTick, UMR BIPAR (INRAE, Anses, EnvA), Maisons-Alfort, France


Link to seminar: https://umontpellier-fr.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_oFJykgP_QX63j92bjy88Xg


Vector-borne diseases, transmitted by arthropods, threaten human and animal health. These vectors host a diverse microbial community, including pathogens. The interplay between pathogens and the vector's microbiota is mutual. In 2020, microbiota-targeted vaccines emerged, aiming to modify the vector's microbiota using host antibodies. Initial studies show that antibodies against a single bacterial species can impact the entire microbiota, affecting vector physiology and pathogen interactions. This presentation reviews vector microbiota research and the potential of microbiota-targeted vaccines in blocking Borrelia and Plasmodium colonization in ticks and mosquitoes, respectively, offering an innovative path to vaccine development and disease eradication.


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