The CeMEB LabEx is committed to providing support to the various technical platforms that are shared by the Centre’s partners. Certified CeMEB platforms host a wide range of technologies designed to support experiments in the fields of ecology, evolution, biodiversity and environmental sciences.

Our dedicated platforms are ideal for running experiments in controlled conditions. They include experimental plots and greenhouses (TE and Ecotrop), chemical analyses in the domain of ecology (PACE), genetic analysis and molecular cytogenomics (PGE), sequencing (Sanger, NGS), genotyping (GENSEQ), and high-throughput qPCR (the PGE platform at the Biocampus).

These technologies are used for the non-invasive exploration and digitizing of biological objects in 3D (scanner), including living material (the Rx microtomography platform linked to an MRI scanner). In addition, a dedicated computing platform is available for modelling and bioinformatics data processing (the MBB platform).

Use and operation of platforms

These different platforms provide a variety of technologies and resources, Users can access the facilities for training and research under the supervision of onsite staff, or simply use the services provided by the facility.

Dedicated teams, who work for the host laboratory, monitor the correct operation of platforms. They welcome and train a large number of users from different regional, national and international scientific communities. They are also responsible for technological supervision and training.


  • The CeMEB Platform Charter: a summary of the potential contribution of other LabEx and the criteria for certification.
  • Form to apply for certification as a LabEx platform
  • Form to submit a summary of the work of a certified platform.


Since 2011, the CeMEB LabEx has been committed to supporting its different platforms by purchasing key equipment in collaboration with numerous co-financers.


The CeMEB LabEx supports the development of its certified platforms by offering (temporary) technical support and interns who are responsible for technological issues.

Name: Julien VEYSSIER

Dates: 36 months contract (2013-2016)

Platform: MBB

Position: Research engineer

Responsibilities: Development of a support service for software development, maintenance, system administration and the development of the platform’s software, user training.


Name: Pauline DURBIN

Dates: 18 months contract (2014-2015)

Platform: CEFE experimental plot

Position: Greenhouse technician

Responsibilities: Monitor greenhouse operations, check the health of plants (watering, pests and weeds) in greenhouses and plots, preparation for experiments and their monitoring.

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Dates: 36 months contract (2015-2018)

Platform: GenSeq (PGE)

Position: Biologist technician

Responsibilities: Ensure the smooth operation the two GenSeq facilities hosted on the PGE platform (capillary electrophoresis and a pipetting robot).




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