SEQUENCE 2 - Informal presentations of Cemeb Projects Informal presentations of Cemeb Projects

SEQUENCE 2 - Informal presentations of Cemeb Projects


C. Grunau (IHPE, Univ. Perpignan Via Domitia) et N. Negre ( DGIMIn Univ. Montpellier )

Epigenetics of non-model organisms - a pratical cookbook



G. Cavalli, IGH, CNRS, Montpellier

Stable and reversible transgenerational inheritance of chromatin states in Drosophila


J. Brillard, DGIMI

Role of DNA methylation in an entomopathogenic bact erium–


C. Chaparro, IHPE

Predicting DNA methylation by means of CpG o/e ratio in the case of a pan-species study


C. Cosseau, IHPE

Methylome changes in Crassostrea gigas oyster spat following a parental exposure to the herbicide diuron


J.-F. Baroiller & H. D'Cotta, ISEM

When temperature and genetics meet: an epigenetic perspective of sex determination in the cichlid tilapia fish


T. Boulinier, CEFE

Ecology and evolution of a transgenerational induced response, the maternal transfer of antibodies


G. Dobigny, CBGP

Centric fusions and epigenetic marks in rodents


Sylvain Gandon, CEFE & Ana Rivero, MIVEGEC

Half baked ideas on the plasticity of avian malaria