Strategic orientations

The main interests of the research units making up the CeMEB LabEx are:

  • the dynamics, evolution and functional role of biodiversity;
  • the dynamics and functioning of ecosystems and ecosystem services;
  • the ecological consequences of global change;
  • the ecology of conservation, ecological engineering and restoration of ecosystems;
  • socio-economics of the environment;
  • health–environment relations.

The CeMEB LabEx also seeks to foster projects that have strong connection with the non-academic world, including the private sector and civil society. This includes projects that contribute to public decision-making (scenario building, modelling, forecasting and management aids), or in partnership with the public sector (e.g. national parks), associations or private companies, with clear applications or significant potential for outreach.


Various thematic working groups carry out multidisciplinary scientific research on the following topics:

  • the origin and dynamics of biodiversity
  • global changes and scenario building
  • forecasting: ecosystem services and human societies
  • agroecology (in partnership with the Agro LabEx)
  • collections
  • epigenetics
  • microbiomes

Support policy for platforms

Support policy for shared platforms.

The CeMEB LabEx has put in place a policy to support shared technical platforms, including the financing of equipment and the hiring of technical personnel.

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Structuring and supporting research

The CeMEB LabEx finances various research projects that fall within the scope of its strategic framework, via doctoral or postdoctoral grants for partner laboratories or visiting researchers.


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